Linkboost: The Best Alternative to Lempod

Linkboost: The Best Alternative to Lempod

If you are looking for an alternative to Lempod, look no further than Linkboost.

We offer the same basic features as Lempod, but with some important add-ons and safety differences.

Our development team is constantly working on new updates and innovations, so you can be sure that our system is always up-to-date.

Also, our customer support is top-notch with a fast reply rate, so you can always get help when you need it.

If you want more information about switching from Lempod to Linkboost, keep reading. We'll go through the major differences and why you should choose Linkboost instead of Lempod in this blog article.

Let´s get into it!

Linkedin and the Importance of Linkedin Engagement Pods

LinkedIn has a huge share of the overall social traffic for business-to-business websites and blogs, accounting for more than 50 percent.

This social networking platform is without a doubt one of the most effective sources of business leads. But there's an issue: you must know how to utilize it correctly.

Even if you're active on LinkedIn, you won't get the greatest effects if you don't utilize it the right way.

The most important guideline is never to spam your leads. So, if you're still sending the same message to a large number of people, you're not getting the most out of LinkedIn.

Instead, one of the simplest methods to boost your lead generation and enhance your business prospects is to strengthen your personal brand and authority.

People will be more willing to trust and interact with you if you have a strong personal brand in your field of expertise.

The greatest approach to gaining authority is to publish excellent, genuine content in your Linkedin posts. The content itself, however, might not guarantee a sufficient number of views and interactions. You may need a boost to get things started.

That's when the Linkedin Engagement Pods come in handy. You may get a start-up boost to get your article off the ground, then it will rise even higher on its own.

The benefits of using a Linkedin Automation Tool

However, as most marketers would be aware, the manual process of LinkedIn Engagement Pods is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming.

Manual interactions might take a long time. Someone must enforce the rules and assist other people with everything to work.

Naturally, you'll want to look for methods to automate your LinkedIn Engagement Pods and outreach.

You don't want to spend hours spraying and hopping on social media, waiting for people to respond. That's where these automation tools come in handy.

Lempod was a popular solution, but they halted development some time ago to focus their efforts on other industries. Linkboost is the new industry leader for Linkedin engagement pods.

Linkboost and Lempod are two tools that may assist you in using LinkedIn Engagement Pods. While both are popular among businesses, you should use the best of the best.

If you're going to leverage automation on LinkedIn, it's worth investing in one that provides safety and the greatest results. Let's take a look at how they work, combined with a comparison between Linkboost and Lempod.

What Lempod Offers

Lempod is a LinkedIn marketing tool that automates your Linkedin Engagement Pod strategy. After creating your content, you can use Lempod to bring auto likes and comments to your LinkedIn post views so more readers will see it. That’s the basic concept of Lempod.

So here’s how it works. First, you install Lempod. This is a chrome extension that is designed to improve your LinkedIn engagement with likes and comments from other Lempod members.

Next, you join the so-called “engagement pods”. With Lempod, you can use keywords and tags such as location, language, industry, and interests to find groups of people with the same interests.

Finally, add your LinkedIn post to Lempod. From there, you can just wait for the likes and comments to come in.

However, with Lempod you don´t have any control over who will be your audience. You can´t customize your audience to make it more natural and you also can´t block specific Lempod users from interacting with your content.

This may cause bizarre interactions which will make your profile interaction look weird. For example, if you are in the US and then people from very different countries such as Germany, India, or Russia, liking and commenting your content when using Lempod.

Risks of using Lempod

Lempod was a popular option, but development has been halted for some time now to concentrate on other sectors. Lempod Chrome Extension is still accessible, despite this.

It's not suggested to utilize any software that isn't up to date, especially if Linkedin is always updating and changing its security practices.

Another issue of Lempod is its poor customer service. You won't be able to get much assistance from their customer service if you have any queries or issues.

Since the Lempod team is now concentrating on different products, customer care has gotten worse in terms of quality and response time.

Why Linkboost is the best alternative to Lempod

Check out why we think we are a better solution than Lempod:

Free Tier and Better Pricing

You may always try the free tier and upgrade when you want to! With Linkboost's free signup, you can boost up to three posts/month. To test Lempod, you must first sign up for their basic membership.

Custom Audiences Filter

With our custom audiences filter, you will get more relevant engagements. You can easily filter who engages with your content by location, industry, and several connections to make sure that the right people are reaching out to each other in a way they never have before!

With Lempod, you can't filter who sees and interacts with your content.

Linkedin Auto Connect

Easily connect with other pod members to make your engagement trustworthy. Increase your SSI by building relationships and connecting with the right people!

Better Pod Management Tools

Do you want better pod management tools? Well, we got them right here at Linkboost and not just for your own experience but also for keeping track of what others are doing too.

Not liking some user's content? No problem, blocklisting him will ensure that you won't be engaging with his content anymore.

The security features on Lempod are quite limited.

Company and Private Pods

You can build and control your own community. Invite your team and enjoy the unlimited boosts to showcase your company content.


To prevent misuse and abuse, there are several hard limits in place. All pods have group restrictions like user ban and misuse complaint reporting.

This is one of the many features that Lempod lacks.


Block any individual you don't want to interact with. Our primary objective is to guarantee that you interact only with the people you desire, and we provide numerous tools to accomplish this.

Easily Find Relevant Engagement Pods to Join

Find a group that suits your strategy. Join (or create) multiple pods with people interested in the same content as you.

Post Engagement Data and Reports

Don’t just take our word for it. We have a clean user interface where you can see the publication’s performance data and engagement metrics for your content.

Activity Log

Know exactly which content your Linkedin account is engaging.

Next Steps: How to Build Your Authority on Linkedin

That's fantastic! We've compared Lempod to Linkboost as well as the risks and benefits of each one of the tools.

The best tool to keep up your Linkedin automation and consistently have more engaging posts is Linkboost.

With Linkboost you can generate qualified engagement and increase up to 10x the usual reach of your publications on Linkedin.

Still not familiar with Linkboost?

Watch this intro video to learn your first steps!

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