Auto Email Reply: Using LinkedIn's Away Message for Lead Generation

Auto Email Reply: Using LinkedIn's Away Message for Lead Generation

If you’re like most professionals, you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn.

It’s a great platform for networking, building a team and business relationships, finding new leads and potential clients.

But what happens when you’re not able to check your LinkedIn messages?

If you’re busy on your current job and take a few days off from LinkedIn, you may receive an inbox full of unread direct messages.

These are opportunities to generate leads that are being overlooked!

Prospects now demand rapid replies to inquiries, especially when it comes to B2B or C-Level interactions.

That’s where the LinkedIn Autoresponder and auto reply support for out-of-office messages come in handy!

This is a must-have for companies on LinkedIn looking to boost lead generation through Inmail messages.

In this article for example, we’ll show you how to set up the LinkedIn Autoresponder and explain why it’s such an important tool for business professionals.

automatic reply, auto reply, autoresponder email message
automatic reply, auto reply, autoresponder email message

How to set up the Linkedin Auto Reply Email

If you’re away or don’t have access to respond multiple emails right now, setting up an Away message on LinkedIn might be quite useful.

However, you must have a Premium LinkedIn or Sales Navigator account to utilize this function.

Setting up an automatic reply on LinkedIn is quite simple: just follow these steps:

  1. To create an Away message, Sign in to your Linkedin account and click the ‘… More‘ symbol at the top of your messaging box.
  2. Second, you must choose “Set away message.”
  3. Next, turn the switch to the right to enable the ‘Away message.’
  4. The Start and End dates for your Away message should be filled in.
  5. You may now personalize your Away message at this point. We’ll go through it in more detail later on.
  6. Finally, to save your Away message, click “Save.”

If you need to edit your Away message, there are a few things you must do:

  1. Sign in to your Linkedin account, In the top-right corner of your messaging inbox, click the … More icon.
  2. Select Edit away message.
  3. Click Save to modify your post.

Now that we’ve covered the technical aspects, let’s move on to how you might use this solution to master your automatic replies on Linkedin.

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How to Master Linkedin Lead Generation using the Out of Office Message

If you don’t use LinkedIn much and don’t enjoy speaking with customers on the site, try adding a link to your company calendar to invite people to schedule a time to talk with you when you’re free.

However, bear in mind that each person who contacts you will receive this automated response, so you may be receiving invitations that you actually don’t want. Consider crafting an effective auto reply email by providing clear examples and guidelines for your auto replies to out-of-office messages.

If you do choose to go down this path, make sure your autoresponse is crystal clear so that clients know whether or not they should schedule a meeting with you: “Thanks for getting in touch. I’m quite preoccupied with projects right now, so I won’t be checking LinkedIn messages much this week. However, if you’re interested in [your product], here is my calendar link. I’d love to schedule a meeting [calendar link].”

Let people know that you'll follow up promptly for immediate assistance.

Don’t you check your Linkedin messages very often? Let those who contact you know you’re currently engaged and will respond as soon as possible. For immediate assistance, provide alternative points of contact such following information such as a cell phone number, a contact person, or an email address for a coworker who can help in your absence.

Customers demand near-instantaneous response, as 24/7 customer service and chatbots are very popular.

The Linkedin Autoresponder will keep you on schedule by making sure that you respond to inquiries from people who contact you on Linkedin about your product or service.

Keep it light by providing a specific date and time that you will respond in person: ‘Not on Linkedin much this week as we’re having an event, but I’ll get back to you as soon as possible when I’ve finished. Thank you for your patience!’“Hey there! Heads up: I don’t check my messages often, and I’ll answer as soon as possible”

Send users to a landing page with an email opt-in

You may also use your auto-response as a marketing tool for your opt-in if you want to increase email sign-ups or grow your audience.

Create a simple, optimized landing page and add a link to it and send visitors to your website. If you are unavailable to check or respond to emails due to limited email access, provide alternative contact information for urgent matters and apologize for any inconvenience caused. “We’ve helped eight distinct companies increase their income by 12% in the same period last year with a simple change to their marketing approach. If you’re interested in seeing how we do it, I’ve created a short demo video that walks you through our marketing software - check it out here: [landing page link]”

A dynamic form link (e.g Google Forms) is an excellent choice if you receive a mixed bag of LinkedIn messages and want to streamline the process of manually sorting them out.

This will offer the receiver the option to contact you in a variety of ways depending on their goal. It could include a link to your email account, sales page, calendar, email, or FAQ. ‘I won’t be on Linkedin this week, but I am looking forward to hearing from you. The easiest method to get in touch with me is to go here [your form link]. If you need immediate assistance, you can reach me directly on my cell phone number.’

Next Steps: How to Build Your Authority on Linkedin

That’s excellent! You’ve learned how to make the most of Linkedin’s autoresponder and how to take advantage of Linkedin’s automation features.

The next step is to demonstrate that you’re an industry expert to those who visit your Linkedin page. Or, that you are a reference for your network of contacts. Clear communication with your business associates through professional relationships is also crucial.

One of the most effective ways to build authority on Linkedin is to share content and get engagement.

If you publish relevant posts with a large number of likes and comments, it can get your visitor’s attention.

The best way to keep up your Linkedin automation and consistently have more engaging posts is to use a tool like Linkboost.

With you can generate qualified engagement and increase up to 10x the usual reach of your publications on Linkedin.

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